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What Kinds of Stun Guns Sold in Specialty Stores

You will surely agree that there are lots of individuals out there who want to protect themselves and their loved ones from criminals. Some decided to buy stun guns while some study martial arts. If you are among those who want to own a stun gun, then continue reading this article to get an insight on the different stun guns available in the market.

There are lots of consumers out there who prefer to own stun guns because of its small size and most of them are women. Although, stun guns are not lacerative as knives and lethal as guns, you can use it effectively to protect yourself and to ward off criminals. As a matter of fact, these devices can put down attackers by pushing its buttons. To choose the stun guns fitting for you, it is vital that you are aware and you are familiar with the different types available. Get more info on the best stun gun. At present, there are three kinds of stun guns available and these are further detailed in here.

Unveiling the Types of Stun Guns Offered for Sale in the Market
1. The first kind of stun gun is the static charge. This device utilizes static charge to protect yourself and to put down criminals. The volts it produces range from 880,000 to 625,000.
2. The second kind of stun gun is the phase induction stun gun. Phase induction is the one that produces electrical current. This kind of stun gun can produce volts ranging from 100,000 to 625,000.

3. T-wave stun gun is the last and third kind of stun gun sold in stores. This device has the ability in disrupting the brain signals of attackers using electrical current with electro-muscular disruption. It an contract the muscles of assailants’ uncontrollably. Research reveals that this particular kind of stun gun can cause temporary paralysis in assailants. This device has the ability in attacking criminals up to 21 feet. To get more info, click Because of the T-waves it produces, it can overcome the normal electrical signals of attackers’ bodies, thus confusing their nervous systems.

Apart from familiarizing and knowing the diverse types of stun guns sold in stores, it is also a must for consumers to take into account certain factors when buying stun guns to ensure you will be purchasing quality and durable stun guns.

Should you want to buy good quality and sturdy stun guns, make sure that you investigate deeper to know which of these manufacturers are trusted by many when it comes to stun guns production. Though, myriad choices are available in the market, not all offer similar functions and features. if you want to see the choices of stun guns offer for sale, then you are advised to peruse their websites to see the stun guns they produced as well as its attributes Make sure to check the testimonies of other stun gun users to know how well it serves them. Learn more from

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